Hope and Pray…

Hope and pray.

What does it mean…

Does it in fact mean anything?

Hope… bland statement of the obvious. Hope for positive outcome. Hope for better results. Hope for all to be well and good.

Tacking on a “pray”. This is where things get a little “tricky”.

So emotive…different things…different strokes

You hope for an outcome and pray for the execution of this hope.

Plea for the helpless and hopeful. Been there and not to be scoffed at but shouting your capitulation to the wind in return for divine favours is, at best a primordial grunt outside a cave, and at worst, delusion.

Hope and pray invokes faith which, no matter how you look at it, is the brain’s placebo.

This is not necessarily bad. When it helps calm the mind and attain clarity, anything is positive.

However when it stifles action in favour of divine intervention it is damaging, pointless, and in some cases criminal.

By all means hope and pray, but also source as much information as you can and act where necessary.

Do not be blown about by the winds of chance, accept your lot where necessary and fight tooth and nail where there is a chink in fate’s armour.

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