Why create another blog site…

A good question and one that should be answered long before you ever give WordPress your hard earned cash!

I come across so much cool stuff and have been looking at ways to best log it for future use. Whether it is a neat bit of code, a cool new artist I have found, a good photography tip or just a great book or film, I have tried, and still use, everything from Mk1 grey matter to Apps and Evernote with varying success.

However this means that it is there only for myself. It does not get shared. Others who may find it interesting will likely have to stumble upon it themselves.

Also I get no personal feedback on it. I don’t get the chance to find out what others think which is most of the fun.

So… here it is. Don’t expect well crafted prose but expect the eclectic. It will only gel with a few but hopefully enough to generate some interest and discussion.Hope you enjoy, and even if you don’t, let me know either way!


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